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Our consultative philosophy includes three tenets that promote value to any organization: Keep the customer at the center; You are only as good as your team; Being successful doesn’t always mean moving up, it sometimes means moving laterally so you can learn and grow. When hired to deliver executive advisement, board leadership or an executive presentation, the Emnovate team integrates these doctrines for your guidance.

Executive Advising

Emnovate CEO and Founder Robin Bienfait is an internationally renowned executive, speaker, board member and thought leader in mobility and security.  She will meet with executive management to determine what expertise is needed and then sit in on team meetings and working sessions to develop strategy and overall business directives.


One on one meetings and planning sessions working with your own style and approach to better enable you to penetrate the market.

Working in these sessions Robin will share best practices and thought leadership to equip and cultivate not just your approach but what are the leading edge or industry technologies that will better enable you to be successful.


Robin can introduce you to your next board assignment/C-level position.  The Emnovate Progra is designed to connect your business to the enterprise company or partner needed for growth.

Let’s Start your Growth

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